Shipping and return policies for Nikolai

Shipping Info
International Order:

When you pre-order "Live At Joe's", it will be shipped to you from Amsterdam, Holland so please allow for a week or so to arrive.
We will use "The Royal Dutch Mail Service" with a standard international shipping method.
The album will be securely packed in a bubble-envelope.
Furthermore, you will have to pay the 3,- euros (or aprox. $4,-) shipping costs.

European Order:

Same as international pre-order except it only takes a couple of days for the shipment to arrive.
Furthermore, you will have to pay the 2,50 euros shipping costs.

Thank you for pre-ordering "Live At Joe's" by NIKOLAI!


Voor binnenlandse verzending gelden de normale tijden (1 a 2 dagen).
Het album wordt veilig in een bubbletjes-plastic enveloppe verpakt.
De verzendkosten bedragen 2,- euro.

Dank u voor het reserveren van "Live At Joe's" van NIKOLAI!
Return Policy
If somehow the album has not arrived to you in normal condition, send me an email at and we'll try to arrange something with you.